Founded in February 2009 as an operating unit of W. R. Berkley Corporation, Gemini Transportation Underwriters was created to provide excess liability insurance for transportation industries. We underwrite liability insurance policies for the railroad industry as well as excess liability policies for the trucking industry, busing industry, and other industries which use rubber-wheeled vehicles for over-the-road use. 

As specialists in our field, our claims management is guided by specific experience in handling complex excess liability claims for transportation companies. An excess liability claim is a very serious and perilous proceeding, and most certainly a situation where you want the benefit of experience and know how on our side. You can feel good that Gemini brings that talent to the table for you when it counts. 

We underwrite and issue insurance policies on behalf of Gemini Insurance Company*, a surplus lines insurance company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of W.R. Berkley Corporation, located in Greenwich, CT. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality insurance products and services to a select customer base in the transportation industry. At Gemini Transportation Underwriters, we are committed to offering the best insurance value proposition in the transportation industry. Our insurance professionals work each day to provide our customers with the most current products at what we believe is the optimal market price, supported by the superior financial strength of our underwriting companies and the best claims handling services that we can deliver.

Our Promise to Our Customers

Fairness in all we do is our guiding principle at Gemini Transportation Underwriters. It is up to you, our customers, to determine if we achieve our objective – and we will make a continuous effort to provide you with outstanding customer value and the highest level of personal service.

Our Difference

Gemini Transportation Underwriters focuses on just that, the transportation industry. Underwriting excess liability insurance for transportation industry businesses is not simply a part of what we do, it is the only thing we do! Our highly specialized focus coupled with a broad risk appetite and innovative program design allows us to provide the best and most reliable insurance coverage to each of our customers. 

At Gemini, we pride ourselves on … 

…Experience:   With an average of over 20 years casualty insurance experience, each of our highly-talented underwriters possesses specialized transportation industry underwriting knowledge.

…Integrity:   One of our strengths lies in our commitment to ethical business practices. Virtually any common carrier or private fleet is eligible for underwriting consideration. Looking beyond preliminary facts, we guarantee fair treatment to all clients by thoroughly analyzing each account. 

…Innovation:   We consider ourselves fast adapters to changing market conditions and situational factors. Thus, we provide innovative program design, are willing to modify existing policy forms, and can customize coverage on a case-by-case basis. 

…Quality Risk Selection:   Our carefully designed risk selection process helps us to choose those customers who can appreciate the mutual benefits of high-quality customer portfolios. This thoughtful focus on risk selection allows us to keep premiums at very competitive levels for our target customers.